About us

Webhat Communication Company founded in 2006 is specialized in web and software translations and interpretation. Translation and interpretation, including software and web page localization, are the  basis of cross-border communication.  Our philosophy has been to serve our client with high quality content localization. Programmers, software developers and WordPress specialist as well as interpreters and translators form our team in order to serve our clients with full solutions.

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Web page translation

In website translation, linguistic accuracy and technical precision are of paramount importance. Our team at Webhat ensures that your website translation reads like written by a native speaker, while rendering all the technical details of the source text correctly.

Moreover, in addition to basic translation of websites into Hungarian language, our team also offers website localisation services. This can include returning translated material in non-html formats, such as php, jsp, Flash, or javascript, as well as running full simulations of the translated website in order to guarantee full functionality at launch. Thus, we can ensure that your Hungarian website displays correctly. Reference projects: Eladó kutyák, eladó lovak, Sztárok honlapja, Celebcenter, Virtuális Filmklub, Top Tweets, Hírek ma, UK News, USA News, Cookie recipes, Drug Discovery News, Heute, WP Themes.

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Our company provides the following high-quality services:

Language localisation service is the process of translating a software or web page into another language while adapting it for Hungary. Localisation is the second phase of product translation and it means cultural adaptation.

Language Translation Service is the interpreting of the meaning of a text and the production of an equivalent text that communicates the very same message to the potential readers in another language.


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